Lama Kathy Wesley Audio Recordings

8-24-17 (1.Lama Kathy @ Sangha. Chant (Tsunma); Intro (Daniel).

8-24-17 (2.Lama Kathy @ Sangha. Chenrezig teaching- short practice, visualization, Sadhana practice, iconography.

8-24-17 (3.Lama Kathy @ Sangha. Chenrezig- visualizations, how to use in the practice.

8-24-17 (4.Lama Kathy @ Sangha. Chenrezig- A Guided Meditation of Short Practice for your home practice.

8-24-17 (5.Lama Kathy @ Sangha. Chenrezig- Q&A. when to put hands in prayer, etc.

8-25-17 Lama Kathy @ Insight LA (X) ‘Building Peace, One Life at a Time’ (public talk); Q & A’s.

8-26-17 (1.Lama Kathy, A.M. (X) She describes the forthcoming teaching topics after Daniel’s intro.

8-26-17 (2.Lama Kathy, A.M. Intro to Ngondro; Shamita guided meditation & description including 10′ silence; The Buddhist Path; Mahamudra practice & lineage prayer; Q&A’s.

8-26-17 (3.Lama Kathy, P.M. (X) Meditation with explanation & teaching; Om Mani chant as a group practice; Ngondro discussion; Q&A-Ngondro, Tonlen,etc.; brief meditation; Dedication of Merit.

8-27-17 (1.Lama Kathy, A.M. ‘Calm Abiding & Insight Meditation’- History of Karma Kagyu & explanation; Q&A’s; Instructions for Shamita (Body & Mind); meditation challenges; thoughts of loss, grief, how to handle & transform; Defects, Remedies.

8-27-17 (2.Lama Kathy, A.M. A Guided Meditation for Shamita, complete, including short period of silence. For your personal use at home.

8-27-17 (3.Lama Kathy, A.M. Closing remarks for Morning session.

8-27-17 (4.Lama Kathy, P.M. Shamita Teaching (con’t)- Distractions; Tonlen; train in love & compassion & as remedy for clinging, fixation; transform anger; Q&A’s- Tonlen; Vapashina Meditation.; the meaning of the Chenrezig image.

8-27-17 (5.Lama Kathy, Sangha members meeting: She introduces & teaches the words of a new song. (1 of 3) (poor audio quality).

8-27-17 (6.Lama Kathy, Sangha members meeting: She teaches the new song with both melody and words. (2 of 3) (poor audio quality).

8-27-17 (7.Lama Kathy, Sangha members meeting: She sings new song with everyone. (3 of 3) (poor audio quality), incomplete.


7-26-18 Lama Kathy at Sangha: Group Prayers: The 4 Immeasurables & The 4 Ordinary Foundations. Contemplation. In Tibetan & English.

7-26-18 Lama Kathy at Sangha. Teaching: Nourishment of Dharma; Buddhism brought to Tibet, and North America; American Lamas, KTC; Buddha Nature; How to let go; Om Mani Peme Hung meaning; ego fixation; self reflection; formula for working with mental afflictions; etc.

7-27-18 Lama Kathy @ Insight: ‘Compassion in Tough Times’ & Meditation: The skill of knowing what we want to do with our minds; Letting go; Mind taming; dealing with mental afflictions, emotions; Tonlen; Longjon; Q&A’s; etc.

7-28-18 Lama Kathy, A.M., ‘Maintaining the Bodhisattva Vow’: the vow & commitment; causes of happiness; finding stability & peace inside; Suffering & method for letting go; 10 virtuous actions; definition of harm; alternatives to meditation; etc.

7-28-18 Lama Kathy, P.M., ‘Maintaining the Bodhisattva Vow’ (con’t): The commitment; Tonlen; History of the Bodhisattva Vow; The Bodhisattva path; 6 virtues; Parenting; Compassion burn out; keeping the vow; renew vow daily; don’t reject or abandon other beings; etc.

7-29-18 Lama Kathy, A.M., ‘Cultivating the 4 Foundation Practices’ & Mahamudra: Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche’s concept of American Lamas, their purpose & direction; She sings a Tibetan prayer; Mind suffering & remedies; Limitless Mind; meaning of Mahamudra Lineage Prayer; etc.

7-29-18 Lama Kathy, P.M., ‘Cultivating the 4 Foundation Practices’ & Mahamudra (con’t): Peach analogy; Potential of mind; Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche stories; qualities for choosing a teacher; Dewachen; Mandala; 4 uncommon preliminaries; Nundro in context of Mahamudra; Chenrezig Practice; etc.